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Dr.Moore’s Top Ten List

for a Smooth Pregnancy

1. Decrease caffeine and sugar.

2. Minimize smokes; no drugs.

3. Slather cocoa butter all over daily (from neck to thighs).

3. Limit weight gain (15-20 lbs under guidance of OB/Gyn)

4. Drink water frequently, drink milk often; avoid sugar drinks and carbonated beverages.

5. Do pregnancy-approved exercise and stretching 3 to 5 times a week.

6. Take daily cat-naps whenever you can.

7. Eat small meals and eat slowly; eat healthy.

8. Take showers not baths.

9. Snack on grain cereal or peanut butter and crackers if hunger awakens you early in the a.m.

10. Evening shoulder rub, back massage and sex– this releases endorphins to reduce pain, elevate the mood plus reduce circulating stress hormones.

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