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Gender Selection--How to have a Baby Girl
Q: We have two boys and now we want to try for a baby girl. There is so much confusing information that I've read and heard about gender selection and the ways to do this--can you help?

Dr.Moore: Questions from readers on methods of gender selection, about how to have a baby girl or baby boy are some of the most common inquires I receive. It's good to know there are so many couples trying to make babies no matter what the sex! Most everyone know the ways to make a baby, but if you want to know how to have a baby girl, you must start with an understanding of the basics behind the process.

There is only one type of egg, an “x”, but two types of sperm: the x-sperm (which makes a baby girl) and the y-sperm (which makes a baby boy) The basis of natural gender selection arises from the knowledge that there are factors that will favor the x-sperm over the y-sperm. These influences include timing of ovulation, positioning during sex and vaginal Ph (acidic or basic). There may possibly be an influence from the diet in the month prior to conception but most agree it is a minimal factor in gender selection.

Applying the methods of natural gender selection are easy when a handbook is followed--such as the one we wrote--"Baby Girl or Baby Boy--Choose the Sex of Your Child". The details of these methods, can be applied each month while trying to conceive--which is why one needs an easy to read manual for reference. Although some get pregnant fast, most couples take three to four months to conceive. No matter how hard you try, it may take up to twelve months to get pregnant and this can still be considered within the norm (if you are not getting pregnant within a twelve month time period you should see your OB/GYN ). One of the most important tasks is to determine your ovulation date and how accurately you do this will increase your success.. Women with a more regular cycle and consistent ovulation date will have an easier time with this aspect.

While many couples desire balanced families and natural gender selection is one of the best ways to accomplish such, every infant represents a gift--whether a baby girl or baby boy.

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