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Dr.Moore: My rule-of thumb is that 90% of mothers will have some type of back pain for
six weeks to six months. During pregnancy, your placenta secretes hormones, which cause laxity of the ligaments in your back.

This allows lordosis, that big arch in the small of your back, which helps you support the weight of a sack of concrete of the front of your belly. After delivery, it takes time to re-tighten and strengthen them. Unfortunately, instead of resting, you now spend 24/7 bending over to lift a 10-pound baby out of cribs and car seats. Take care of your back; you only get one.

Jealous Pets
Q: We are having a baby soon, and I’m worried about our dog and if he might get jealous of this new family member?

Dr.Moore: Our pet pig “Muffin” was not jealous, but we didn’t take any chances with our rottweiler “Cody”. Mark and Melanie Greene of Country Hill Vet in Prestonsburg, KY recommend "baby training", at mid-pregnancy and then for the last six weeks prior to birth.
Your baby’s room and changing table are already setup and stocked. Buy a life-size baby doll; apply lotion then dress it in a diaper and baby tee. Carry it around as you would your future baby. Lay it in the crib and close off the room for nap time. Man's best friend will learn that there is no threat from this tiny helpless bundle. It will imprint the fragrances of the baby to its memory in a good way. Even still, any pets can be unpredictable, some more than others and close observation should be kept on them at all times. Unsupervised babies and pets do not mix. Check with your pediatrician and vet.

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