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The following article is republished for prom season. Talk to your children. Know your children.

Underage Drinking and the Prom--My Worst Prom Ever

I was 16 years old. My high school prom should have been the happiest day of my life, but it was the worst. That was the day I died.

We never made it to the dance. There was a party beforehand and everyone was drinking. Someone spiked the punch bowl. Parents looked the other way.

You knew but you drove anyway. Skidding tires followed by a deafening crash of metal and glass. The flash of fear in my eyes lasted only a moment, then, the sparkle was extinguished forever. In that instant, every bone in my body was broken. So were the hearts of my family and friends whose lives were shattered that day.

Teen-aged drinking is not cool. It kills.

Click here -- this video by Rock Band Simple Plan titled "Untitled" (How could this happen to me?) hits home with its chilling rendition of a fatal drunk driving accident.

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